Content Delivery Network

A Content Delivery Network also known as a CDN is a network of servers crafted to serve content to users with higher performance to that individual.

InnoScale’s Content Delivery Network (CDN) services speed the delivery of web applications to distributed audiences. This allows for better customer engagement and a sturdier delivery of your assets for your online presence. You may need improved website performance, or accelerated application performance, or possibly stream live video in full HD (1080p). InnoScale has got you covered.

Like all of InnoScale’s solutions, InnoScale’s CDN services are designed for low latency, and high performance. Combining 100% SSD caching server infrastructure with Internap’s route-optimized Performance IP Services, InnoScale has been able to create a very fast, and global CDN service to ensure that your website or application is lightning fast no matter where your users is located.

Content Replication

Within the CDN, content is available in many copies throughout strategically located servers. Our edge servers are located in the United States are Atlanta, GA, Boston, MA, Dallas, TX, Houston, TX, Los Angeles, CA, Motreal, New York, NY, Santa Clara, CA, Seattle, WA, and Secaucus, NJ.  We’ve also got edge servers in Amsterdam, and London.

This practice gives us very low latency to anywhere in the United States, and Europe. Since the edge servers are located closer than usually the server will will to each region.

Mechanics behind CDN

When a specific page is requested by the end-user, the edge server in closest proximity or latency is determined automatically.

A user map, showing the mechanics of Content Delivery Networks (CDNs)
From the image above, your web site, or application maybe located on the east coast, and we are able to pull full websites to our edges servers located all over the world, to serve people from those edges instead of the origin server.  Latency for someone in Seattle, may be 70 milliseconds to the East coast, but going from Seattle to Seattle is only 5-10 milliseconds, so its ultra low latency for your audience, and in most cases because you are not going from POP to POP to POP to get to the origin server, you will get faster speeds to your user base.

This method is also good for people who get a lot of traffic.  This allows you to offload quite a bit of load from your origin server, to edge servers, so your server does not have to answer for each and every request made by your user base.  This will cause the amount of work that your origin server to be cut down considerably, allowing your origin server to do other critical things.

We’ve noticed, that web sites, and applications will generally run a lot more efficiently, and over all lightning fast.

CDN Features

Web Acceleration

Accelerate global content delivery across any device with dynamic, feature-rich web acceleration.

  • Cascading Origins
  • Geographic restrictions (Geofencing)
  • Error page customization
  • IP and referrer whitelist/blacklist restriction
  • Token authentication
  • Per-site default expiration time
  • Vary header support
  • Custom and shared SSL Certificates
  • Software Delivery

    Deliver large files and software downloads to your customers around the world.

  • Download management and analytics
  • Token authentication
  • SSL Custom and shared certificates
  • Large file optimization
  • Transmission Communication Protocol (TCP) Acceleration
  • Mobile Delivery

    Deliver an optimal mobile experience to your customers by deploying your media across different mobile platforms.

  • Multi-platform Support
  • Integrated TCP Acceleration
  • Publish once – Deliver to any device
  • Intelligent streaming
  • 100% uptime Service Level Agreement (SLA)
  • Video Content Delivery

    Provide high quality live and on demand streaming regardless of your audiences’ geographic location.

  • Integrated rules-based encoding
  • Adaptive bitrate
  • Intelligent streaming
  • Media management
  • Analytics
  • 100% uptime Service Level Agreement (SLA)
  • CDN Portal

    Configure all of the different features of our CDN through our highly functional portal.

  • Robust Analytics
  • Integrated media workflow tools
  • CDN Storage

    Securely store and easily manage all of your CDN content.

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