Cloud clients utilize computing and network services as much as they need, usually according to the demands of their software and how many clients are using their services, and are billed based upon their usage. By only purchasing what they need, and having the flexibility to change resources quickly, businesses no longer have to plan out their hardware purchases months or even years in advance.

What is True Cloud, and How is InnoScale Different?

As you have probably noticed, there are many definitions of Cloud, and some providers will take this down to a level that makes it hard to distinguish from simple Virtual Servers. For InnoScale, a True Cloud has to incorporate the following key components, or we do not consider it Cloud at all:

A cornerstone of True Cloud is built-in redundancy that reduces downtime by rolling services from a potentially faulty piece of hardware to spare resources.

Automatic Failover
While redundancy is great, it doesn’t do you that much good if it takes hours, or more, to bring your spare resources online. True Cloud automates this process to limit or even eliminate downtime.

Fixed resources limit business flexibility. The ability to quickly scale up your resources to meet client demand is a key feature of True Cloud, and critical to business success.

Why Cloud is Important for Your Business

Cloud computing and cloud hosting are made possible by their relative independence from the physical hardware on which they run.

By setting up virtual servers and clusters of virtual servers on Cloud, businesses can perform essential tasks faster and cheaper than through traditional computing models which require them to build and maintain their own infrastructure.

Without locally installed and maintained hardware, businesses gain cost-savings and competitive advantages.

The flexibility of Cloud allows these same businesses to quickly adjust to market trends, trends that require completely different computing resources from those they may be using currently, without the risk of abandoning equipment to which they have already made a large financial commitment.

Our 15 years of experience, with roots in the Data Management and Hosting Industry, gives InnoScale the experience to help businesses choose the perfect solutions for their needs. Our experience means that you can spend less time and resources determining your infrastructure needs, and more time focusing on your core business. Let us evaluate your needs and help design the ideal solution for you.

Optional Management Features

For clients that require a higher level of service we offer several feature-rich management packages to choose from. Have a specific need that you don’t see listed here? Call us for more information and personalized service.

Server Alerts

Our networks and your Cloud Server are monitored 24/7/365 from multiple monitoring stations strategically located throughout the globe. Our staff immediately begins working toward a solution at the first sign of a problem. Enjoy the peace of mind that in the event of a problem with your Cloud Server, you’ll know immediately.

Security Audits

Our World-Class Engineering Team coordinates with you to install critical security fixes, software upgrades, and even assists you to move to the latest server OS releases.

Daily Backups

We perform daily backups of your Cloud Server through the Idera Continuous Data Protection backup system. These backups can be used from everything from simple file restores, all that way to a full Bare Metal Recovery.

Optimization and Lockdown

Every new Cloud Server with our Management package undergoes a thorough evaluation with our staff working to ensure you have the best possible performance and are protected from known security vulnerabilities.