InnoScale Cloud Servers provide all the performance of a Dedicated Server, with the Reliability and Flexibility that you and your clients expect from a True Cloud provider

  • Completely redundant networking and storage infrastructure.
  • Enterprise grade SSDs with up to 250,000 IOPs read and write.
  • Full Network High Availability with up to 40 Gbs interconnects.
  • Full Storage Redundancy across multiple nodes.
  • Rapid provisioning and scalability.
  • Select from bare-metal, pre-configured templates, and fully managed servers.
  • Backed by our 99.999% infrastructure uptime SLA.

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Unlike the majority of providers all of our Cloud Servers are not simply Virtual Servers running on a single machine. In the event of a hardware failure, your Cloud Server is automatically rebooted onto a different node for optimal uptime.

Leading Performance SSD Storage
We utilize only the best storage solutions in our Clouds to give you outstanding performance.

Full Redundancy
Both our network and your data are fully redundant. We employ multiple datacenter connections to our Clouds and keep at least two real-time copies of your data on separate nodes in our Cloud at all times.

Optional Management Features

For clients that require a higher level of service we offer several feature-rich management packages to choose from. Have a specific need that you don’t see listed here? Call us for more information and personalized service.

Server Alerts

Our networks and your Cloud Server are monitored 24/7/365 from multiple monitoring stations strategically located throughout the globe. Our staff immediately begins working toward a solution at the first sign of a problem. Enjoy the peace of mind that in the event of a problem with your Cloud Server, you’ll know immediately.

Security Audits

Our World-Class Engineering Team coordinates with you to install critical security fixes, software upgrades, and even assists you to move to the latest server OS releases.

Daily Backups

We perform daily backups of your Cloud Server through the Idera Continuous Data Protection backup system. These backups can be used from everything from simple file restores, all the way to a full Bare Metal Recovery.

Optimization and Lockdown

Every new Cloud Server with our Management package undergoes a thorough evaluation with our staff working to ensure you have the best possible performance and are protected from known security vulnerabilities.