Different Levels of Cloud Computing

By now you’ve heard about cloud computing and how you can help your business take advantage of the tools available in order to increase productivity and efficiency. But did you know about the different levels of cloud computing you could be using? Learning the difference between your options will allow your business to uncover new ways of operating and help you grow into the future.

SaaS—Software as a Service (SaaS) involves using software that is deployed over and accessed through the Internet. This allows companies to outsource IT work and provides for easier collaboration between departments.

IaaS—Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) lets companies maintain control of a software environment without having to maintain equipment. This option is generally pay-as-you-go, so you are … READ MORE

The Benefits of Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing: What Are the Benefits?

The cloud is a relatively recent innovation, only becoming popular in only the last few years. Despite its young age, it has greatly changed the way people manage, host, and store important data. Many individuals and businesses alike have switched to cloud computing due to the numerous benefits of working with and through the cloud.

Previously, a computer used its own hard drive to download software and applications, as well as to store important data. This severely limited a company’s options since each computer was considered separate and it required a great deal of tech support to keep all the separate computers operating and communicating with each other efficiently.

Now, through cloud computing, companies can share resources … READ MORE