InnoScale Security – GDPR Statement

InnoScale takes very seriously the security of all of our clients data and our infrastructure. For compliance with the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) we have updated our privacy policy to meet the legal obligations put forth by the European Union. InnoScale’s internal policies have always followed similar guidelines and allowed for clients to know what information we collect about our clients, how long we hold that data, and to request a copy of the data.

Examples of uses of your personal information include:

Verifying you as a customer to detect and prevent fraud.
Order verification, tracking of which of our services you are using.
Notification of planned and emergency maintenance events.
Online account creation to assist you in managing the … READ MORE

InnoScale Launches Public Cloud Offering In Amsterdam

Today InnoScale is happy to announce the launch of our new public Cloud offering in Amsterdam to better serve our European clientele.  With this new Cloud launch InnoScale can better serve enterprise customers from both the public and private sectors around the world looking for the absolutely best connectivity options in the European market.

“The demands for public cloud services are on the rise, especially in the European market.  This move lets InnoScale leverage our advanced services to meet that demand.” – Michael Wallace, Chief Executive Officer

With the launch of our Amsterdam Cloud, InnoScale now has Public Cloud offerings in 6 locations throughout the world, with an additional 2 locations that service private Cloud customers.

“We continue to expand and grow our infrastructure in … READ MORE

InnoScale TrueCloud – Faster and Cheaper than AWS and Google Cloud

When searching for Cloud services a natural question to ask is what makes one Cloud company better than another? With so many providers on the market, and new ones emerging daily, it is increasingly difficult to choose a reliable provider that fits within your budget.

In talking with customers across the globe, one of the questions we always answer is “Why should I choose InnoScale over Amazon or Google Cloud?” The answer is surprisingly simple: VALUE. InnoScale simply provides more bang for the customer buck than Amazon Web Service (AWS) and Google Cloud. Furthermore, we back that up with a Service Level Agreement (SLA) that requires us to provide higher uptime than either of these large providers guarantee.

To demonstrate the performance … READ MORE

PHP 7—More BANG for Your Server Buck

Our Experience with PHP 7

PHP 7 was finally released late last year as production ready, making it the first major update to PHP in about 11 years. Since even before it was fully released, InnoScale has been testing and bench-marking PHP 7, in anticipation of widespread deployment. Our validation process for PHP 7 has included compatibility verification with most of the major web application frameworks, especially WordPress, with which we do a lot work. We have also conducted head-to-head bench-marking against the last major point release of PHP, version 5.6, to see how it compares in terms of speed and performance.

Since the release of PHP 7, there have been a lot of claims of version 7 having up to 2x … READ MORE

InnoScale’s USA East Coast Cloud Doubles in Size Due to Explosive Growth

Ashburn, Virginia has been home to InnoScale’s USA East Coast Cloud Operations for quite some time, over 10 years in fact.  Due to explosive growth in recent months for InnoScale’s Cloud Services, there was the immediate need to expand our East Coast Cloud footprint.  This upgrade is noteworthy for coming just under 18 months after InnoScale rolled out its latest high-density Cloud offering in Ashburn.

In addition to expanding our available Cloud Resources, InnoScale technical engineers spent considerable time fine tuning every piece of server and networking hardware to wring the most possible speed from the infrastructure.  We take pride in designing and running our own, fully-redundant and highly-available Cloud, not relying on any third party for the design, implementation, or … READ MORE