Customer Service: Priority One

Question: Would you prefer a human or computer when trying to get customer service?

If you answered computer, then please do not read on. But, if you were one of many who answered human, by all means, read this article.
It seems everywhere you turn to get quality customer service, you are greeted with a non-emotional answering system. The countless menus you need to go through can get tiresome real quick. Make a mistake, and you’ll most likely have to call back. Hours and hours of personal time have been wasted waiting to get help from a person…something more sentient than a computerized answering service.

We know what that is like. InnoScale may be a web hosting company, but it is employed by humans. These individuals deal with customer service issues like the rest of the world. If there’s a problem with their cable or cell phone, countless hours can be spent waiting to get issues resolved. Sometimes it never happens and other times they hang up, frustrated and drained.

So it is a relief to know that we strive to make those headaches and annoyances go away. Having been on the receiving end of numerous automated phone calls, we at InnoScale, understand the frustrations associated with many customer service issues. That is why our mission objective is to take care of our clients. It is written into the DNA of this company to provide the best possible customer interactions and remove the tiresome and complicated phone automation.

While a phone call can be made, our staff is not always available to answer. But, with our Live Chat, getting a hold of an actual person is just a few clicks away. Whether you are at home or mobile, InnoScale has a live chat feature that connects you with an actual person. Since our company is small in staff, we may take a few minutes to get back to you, but our priorities are our clients.

Understanding customer service and client satisfaction, as mentioned above, is our top priority. Without our clients, we would not be in business. So, a happy customer makes us a happy web hosting company. When you chat with us you chat with a person. Not a person reading from a script or with a predetermined response. You get to talk with an individual who cares about the issues you, our client, are having.