Hybrid Cloud

What Is It?

Hybrid Cloud is a combination of public cloud and any private cloud or on-premises traditional server resources. The primary advantage to a Hybrid Cloud setup is that it allows a higher level of customization in order to deliver optimal application performance. A second advantage is that Hybrid Cloud leverages substantial monetary savings by scaling up and down high-usage and high-resources components in the public cloud side of the hybrid environment, allowing corporations to not pay for services until they need them. The third advantages of a Hybrid Cloud setup is security and customization. Through the mix of highly-customized on-premises resources with highly-scalable public cloud resources, businesses can design exactly what they need and react quickly to market changes with the lowest possible investment.

How Does it Work?

The private cloud and public cloud infrastructures work independently but in concert with each other to communicate to over high-speed encrypted connections, so that they can function as one large application cluster serving and manipulating data.
Obviously two key pillars of Hybrid Cloud deployment are stable network connectivity and API compatibility. InnoScale has over 15 years of Hybrid Cloud experience and can help construct and design a custom solution for you to eliminate deployment obstacles and ensure optimal performance.

Who Can Benefit from It?

Businesses with changing workloads or dynamic content can realize the most savings from a Hybrid Cloud Solution by harnessing the power of the scalability and flexibility of the public cloud and the security of the private cloud.


Since a Hybrid Cloud partly utilizes a private cloud or private on-premises dedicated servers, it can provide business-specific security protocols essential for sensitive data requirements.

Bottom Line

The technical benefits of a public cloud such as flexibility and scalability paired with the security of data handling and resource customization of private resources allows users to experience the best of both platforms, while keeping the cost overruns in check. To ensure optimal security, performance, and uptime, it is very important that your Hybrid Cloud is properly architected and has stable network connectivity.

InnoScale has some of the best Cloud Architects in the industry, and can offer businesses access to an unparalleled Public Cloud, with one of the best and most stable hosting platforms. Ask us about designing your Hybrid Cloud to connect to our Public Cloud hosted in six datacenters across the globe.