InnoScale’s USA East Coast Cloud Doubles in Size Due to Explosive Growth

Ashburn, Virginia has been home to InnoScale’s USA East Coast Cloud Operations for quite some time, over 10 years in fact.  Due to explosive growth in recent months for InnoScale’s Cloud Services, there was the immediate need to expand our East Coast Cloud footprint.  This upgrade is noteworthy for coming just under 18 months after InnoScale rolled out its latest high-density Cloud offering in Ashburn.

In addition to expanding our available Cloud Resources, InnoScale technical engineers spent considerable time fine tuning every piece of server and networking hardware to wring the most possible speed from the infrastructure.  We take pride in designing and running our own, fully-redundant and highly-available Cloud, not relying on any third party for the design, implementation, or maintenance operations.

InnoScale would like to thank all of our clients for their business and continued trust as your Cloud Service Provider.  We are always looking to improve, expand and innovate the technologies that we leverage for your needs.  Your trust has allowed us to enhance and solidify our already robust infrastructure to make it more reliable and secure.