Revisiting the Term ‘Cloud’ and What it Means Today

Like many technological terms, ‘Cloud’ has evolved significantly over the past 10 years and its usage has generated a great deal of controversy and confusion. ‘Cloud’ has evolved and can now be broken down into an array of specific, targeted services and is no longer just a general blanket term. The Cloud is now more than a place where you can host your virtual machines or utilize for storage. Cloud has evolved into a spectrum of services which help you distribute content, manage your own interface and its users. You can choose which specific aspects of your infrastructure to offload to the cloud whether it be backups, storage or disaster recovery. It can be used for collaboration purposes, an added security layer… the possibilities continue to grow as cloud technology advances.

Cloud Management Services are now even more important than ever. With greater reach and capabilities, the ability to manage your infrastructure is even more important. InnoScale can help you manage your resources and to create an environment capable of scaling and adapting to your organizations specific needs. No longer are one-size fits all solutions the norm.

Security continues to be an important factor, and one that enterprises are focusing more resources on. Your Cloud environment will only be as secure as you make it, with both virtual and physical security systems at your disposal to help with securing your data. Security in the Cloud has evolved far beyond the traditional firewall.