London UK Datacenter


Secure Building with 24/7 Surveillance
Ballistic-rated building access points
Man traps with dual authentication access
HID tracking 24/7 with entry and exit logs
Closed circuit monitoring with CCTV
Monitoring via IP connection to remote NOC
Armed Security staffed 24/7
Physical security audits and assessments
Biometrics available to suites/cages


Dual, redundant utility power feeds
2N Cooling design
110v AC, 208v AC and 208v 3 phase UPS circuits
Capacity of 1.8 kVA/m2 (4.5 kVA per cabinet)
Generators in N+1 configuration with 10+ MVA capacity
48 hours on-site fuel autonomy
Emergency stand-by contracts with local fuel providers
Generators are load bank tested every month


24/7 on-site staff
Additional remote monitoring from off-site Operation Centers
Alarms tied into local Police and Fire departments
Ability to scale and accommodate specific user needs
VESDA air sampling and smoke detection system
Floor and ceiling mounted smoke sensors
FM 200 fire … READ MORE