Why is Cloud important for your business?

Cloud computing and cloud hosting are made possible by their relative independence from the physical hardware on which they run. By utilizing virtual servers and clusters of virtual servers on Cloud, businesses can perform essential tasks faster and cheaper than with traditional computing models, which require them to build and maintain their own infrastructure. Free of maintenance and infrastructure costs, businesses gain significant cost-savings and competitive advantages. The flexibility of Cloud allows these same businesses to quickly adjust to market trends that require completely different computing resources from those they may be using currently, without the risk of abandoning equipment to which they have already made a large financial commitment.

What is True Cloud, and how is InnoScale different?

As you have … READ MORE

What does your hosting company’s SLA really mean?

In the business of computer hosting and management services, the standard for performance is the Service Level Agreement (SLA).  All prominent hosting companies offer a SLA which details the responsibilities of the hosting provider and the uptime guarantee a customer can expect, holding the service provider to a standard for performance agreed to by both parties.  Generally, if a hosting provider experiences a significant amount of downtime (an event or events exceeding what they guarantee their customers in the SLA), a customer would then be eligible for a service credit.

Many hosting companies, even larger very reputable companies such as Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud, advertise what sounds like a pretty good SLA of 99.95% uptime.  At first … READ MORE

ImageMagick Vulnerabilities Place Countless Websites at Risk, Active Exploitation Confirmed

Yesterday afternoon May 3rd, 2016 Slack security engineer Ryan Huber posted an article warning about surrounding vulnerabilities in ImageMagick, an image manipulation software solution installed on millions of Web sites.

“If you use ImageMagick or an affected library, we recommend you mitigate the known vulnerabilities by doing at least one of these two things (but preferably both!):” says Ryan Huber.  We have included these solutions below at the bottom of this post.

This vulnerability not only affects the core ImageMagick software, but any third-party software compiled with the ImageMagick libraries, such as server running PHP’s imagick, Ruby on Rails rmagick and paperclick, NodeJS’s ImageMagick, and possibly other software solutions out there.

Attackers are essentially uploading malicious images to web applications whether it be forums, or … READ MORE

Hiring a new developer? We LOVE Developers!

As businesses grow, they often find themselves needing to update their website—to bring it in line with current web and security standards, or a larger overhaul to refresh the look and match a new marketing campaign or logo design.

Naturally, this process often means finding a new website developer to capture the look and feel you’re aiming for. Here at InnoScale, we think this is great, and we look forward to working with you and your developer to reach the look, feel, and performance you desire! Newer websites with updated content attract far more visitors than websites that looked dated, and that means more revenue for your business.

One potential pitfall in this process that we’ve seen over the years, is when … READ MORE

InnoScale Offers Fourth US-Based Data Center, Located in Santa Clara, California

On August 1st, InnoScale entered into a partnership with Server Farm Realty to offer services from a fourth US-based Data Center. The new data center is located in the heart of Silicon Valley—Santa Clara, CA. This new location strategically positions InnoScale’s cutting-edge Cloud Services in four cities across the United States, giving customers the utmost flexibility and capability when designing and building their custom cloud software services.

“At InnoScale our most important mission is always to find new, innovative ways to deliver increased value to every customer. By opening another location, we can offer our customers even more flexibility and strategic positioning, for optimal server performance,” said Michael Wallace, Chief Executive Officer of InnoScale.

Additional US and worldwide locations are planned for … READ MORE