Data Center Upgrades Result in Increased Routing Capacity and Improved Interconnect Speed

We have been hard at work over the past three months improving our Tier 1 networking capabilities in order to provide the best possible connectivity for our customers. After careful evaluation of our networking and hardware infrastructures at each of our datacenters, we recently decided to upgrade our routing capacity and back-end networks.

This was done at each of our three datacenters: Seattle, WA, Dallas, TX and Ashburn, VA.These upgrades have resulted in a twenty-fold increase in our routing capacity, and network interconnects at each datacenter.

The benefits you will experience as a customer from these upgrades are three fold: increased speed, improved reliability, and better DDoS protection. These upgrades demonstrate our ongoing dedication to guarantee maximum uptime and ensure that our … READ MORE

Five Reasons to Switch to Cloud Hosting

You may have heard the terms ‘Cloud Hosting’ or ‘Cloud Computing,’ but you may not be sure exactly what they are or how they can benefit you. Maybe someone recommended that you purchase a Cloud Server instead of the Dedicated Server you’ve been using, but you are not exactly sure what a Cloud Server is and why it would be better than a Dedicated Server. Rest assured, you are not alone. Over the past few years the term “Cloud” has been diluted and thrown around to describe almost anything that is connected to the internet. That not the original meaning of Cloud, or a proper description of what benefits Cloud can bring to IT compared to traditional offerings. I’d first … READ MORE

New Cloud Server Pricing

At InnoScale we’re always doing what we can to ensure that we’re delivering more optimal products at fair prices to our customers. Some recent technology changes, paired with customer requests for more storage, have enabled us to evaluate and enhance our Cloud Server offerings.

We’ve recently lowered the prices on our InnoScale Servers, while increasing the amount of SSD storage. In order to remain competitive in the industry, our goal is to give our customers more of what they need while paying less. Most companies that offer Cloud Servers charge a premium—or extra—price for SSD storage. At InnoScale, not only is it included, but it’s included at a lower price.

Our Cloud Servers are just like dedicated servers, but better. You have … READ MORE

InnoScale Releases CDN Offering

We are excited to announce that we have partnered with one of the leading bandwidth providers in the world, Internap, to bring to market an Enterprise-grade CDN service at a consumer-friendly price.

If you are not familiar with the term CDN, it stands for Content Delivery Network. CDN is a group of high-powered servers spread out throughout the world in geographically strategic locations with one purpose: to provide end-user content as quickly as possible in order to speed up and enhance the user’s web experience.

Media rich websites, live-event broadcasts, high-traffic websites, streaming audio, and video on demand all can benefit greatly from using a CDN service. A content delivery network will ensure your users always are receiving a very fast, high … READ MORE

Infrastructure Updates and Expansions: Solid State Drives

Long-time InnoScale customers and industry veterans know and appreciate that Cloud hosting, and the legacy hosting industry that preceded it, is always changing at break-neck speed. It is one of the constants of this industry that forever makes it interesting to work in and pioneer new technologies and services. Hardware that once when purchased was bleeding edge, quickly becomes today’s dinosaur as the pace of innovation races along.

From the hardware-lover side of me, I always want InnoScale to run the fastest hardware that money can buy, for both the wow factor and the competitive edge it gives us. Unfortunately, the fastest hardware usually doesn’t scale linearly in terms of cost with performance. That extra 20% performance may cost you twice … READ MORE