OnApp: Our New Cloud Server Platform

As we position AppLogic as our Cloud Server Cluster solution, we will be moving to OnApp for our Cloud Server clients. OnApp will allow us to provide better solutions to our Cloud Server customers along with higher performance for our Windows and Linux users. With OnApp you will get more reliable and predictable storage, easier provisioning, built-in load balancing, more virtualization options and lower cost. OnApp is more than just a cloud platform. It’s a high-end SAN, a global CDN and is extremely easy to use.

Those needing larger scaled solutions will be directed to our Cloud Server Clusters that will run on our proven AppLogic platform providing the scalability and performance needed for large scale solutions.
Our OnApp Cloud Servers will … READ MORE

Tech Tip: Using SNI to Allow Multiple SSL Domains on a Single IP

I recently started really thinking about the dwindling number of available IPv4 addresses and what we can do to use them more efficiently. One option that I had not revisited in a while is Server Name Indication (SNI). It is an extension to SSL/TLS, which enables sending of the domain being requested during initial negotiation of the secure connection, allowing web servers to be able to provide the correct security certificate for that domain, even if there are multiple domains on the same IP. Previously this was not an option, as the servers would not receive information about the domain being requested until after the secure connection was negotiated, meaning that each domain with a certificate needed a separate IP … READ MORE

Customer Service: Priority One

Question: Would you prefer a human or computer when trying to get customer service?

If you answered computer, then please do not read on. But, if you were one of many who answered human, by all means, read this article.
It seems everywhere you turn to get quality customer service, you are greeted with a non-emotional answering system. The countless menus you need to go through can get tiresome real quick. Make a mistake, and you’ll most likely have to call back. Hours and hours of personal time have been wasted waiting to get help from a person…something more sentient than a computerized answering service.

We know what that is like. InnoScale may be a web hosting company, but it is employed by … READ MORE

How Important is Your Data?

Backups… While Cloud technology does provide redundancy, insuring peace of mind—that your data is safe—is never a bad thing.

Our R1Soft backups do just that. They’re an excellent way of providing you with a third set of data, stored on a server other than the one where your current information is located. In the event of a server failure, you’ll be glad to know that there’s a copy of all your important files, made with our R1Soft technology.

Not All Clouds are Created Equal

Our Cloud Technology page will provide a brief explanation of our implementation of Cloud, but I wanted to dig deeper and go into some technical explanations as to what Cloud must contain to be truly considered Cloud. The economics, billing methodologies, compute measurements, deployment models, and provisioning of a customer’s environment can vary—without taking away from the meaning of Cloud—so we’re going to focus on the architecture and key features.

The first and most important requirement of Cloud is the architecture. This is both the front and back end of the infrastructure. Let’s talk about the back end, as this is not what you will see as a consumer, and may only know how your provider does this by asking them. … READ MORE